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March 12 2017

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Creating A Successful YouTube Channel

When YouTube was first founded at the beginning of 2005, it was simply meant to be an easy way to share videos with other users. Today, you can find music videos, clips from television shows and movies, audio recordings, video blogs, and more. The site can be used for advertising and marketing, as well as showcasing talents, ideas, and abilities to others in hopes of recognition. By July 2006, YouTube was getting one hundred million views in a day – views per day have increased to fourteen billion in the next four years, and it was announced to be the second most visited website in the world in December 2016. Some corporations have partnered with YouTube to show their material, but most videos are created and uploaded by individuals

Consistency in design will help viewers to recognize your videos before they see your channel’s name, while consistency with video content will keep them coming back, because that’s what they came for in the first place. The fake subscribers are just only numbers. They are not interested in your profile, photos videos. Meanwhile, real subscribers are interested in your profile, photos, videos, and want to engage with you and also be in touch.

“I Want You to Want Me”

Your fan base is the lifeblood of your channel, so why not show that you value them? Engaging with your audience encourages them to return to your channel and hit the “subscribe” button, which is exactly what you want. Interacting with your viewers can be as simple as responding to the comments they leave, even mentioning them in your videos. Some YouTubers issue weekly questions to answer or challenges for their subscribers to complete, encouraging them to send in videos of themselves to share with the channel. Collaborating with another YouTuber can get his/her fans interested in your channel as well.

Isn’t That Cheating?

Motivation to make something great can be a fantastic thing, but it can also drive people to break the rules – the world of YouTube is no exception. The desire to gain recognition for talents, ideas, causes, and abilities has spurred on the concept of being able to buy active subscribers on YouTube, subscribers, comments, likes, and friends. The goal here is to increase ratings and the channel’s number of real views and subscribers, which ultimately leads to more exposure. There’s risk involved here though; if found out, your account can be disabled or deleted, and the money spent on getting ahead will have been wasted. The easy way around this is to specify for the views or subscribers (etc.) to be released to your channel at a gradual pace that doesn’t raise suspicion.


Sharing videos on YouTube doesn’t only benefit your company or personal image, but it provides you with a new community to be a part of and interact with. You can get to know people on the other side of the world that you would’ve never known about otherwise. Friends are made, stories are shared, and lives are changed all because of the desire to show someone else a video. 

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